Tips for Building a High Quality Eye Care Website

By Naren Arulrajah

A well-designed website should be at the center of your online marketing strategy. If your website’s pages achieve high rankings in local online search results for relevant keywords, you can expect to reach your target audience very effectively and at a negligible cost. However, it takes special website development and search engine optimization (SEO) skills to build the right website that has the desired impact while also reaching out to the largest target audience. Here are a few useful tips to create an effective, high quality eye care website.


It may be easier to use ready-made web design templates to build a website quickly and inexpensively, but if the goal is to have a website that stands out in the hypercompetitive Internet space, it is important to create a unique, innovative, and user-friendly website design. Intuitive and seamless navigation may be the most important thing about your website, perhaps even more important than its design. Navigability will prompt the visitor to explore various sections of the site conveniently and spend more time on the site. Navigation buttons, links, and menu items should be placed appropriately to make the user experience smooth and enjoyable. Google recommends that website be equally effective on mobile devices.


A pleasant visual experience is an important part of your efforts to provide an effective and appealing website for your target readers. A professional looking website will reflect positively on the image of your eye care practice. The choice of background color schemes, fonts, headlines, images, videos, graphics, icons, and the professional quality of primary content will play a key role in determining how a new visitor views the practice and forms an opinion about it. Ambiguity in visual texture and overcrowding of the pages can confuse the figure and background relationships of various page elements. The content patterns should be predictable and intuitive in order to provide an optimal visual experience to the reader.


For an eye care website, most of the visitors are likely to be potential patients who are looking for serious information to address their eye health concerns. Your website should present useful, relevant, and accurate content in interesting and patient-friendly language. The content must include valuable insights and advice that help answer the common queries and concerns of patients. In recent years, Google and other search engines have increased their focus on identifying and promoting web pages that are strong on content and that satisfy the queries of their users in the most accomplished manner. Regularly updating content is necessary to ensure that readers receive the latest information. Periodically adding new content will also help ensure repeat visits from potential patients, as well as improve overall reader loyalty.


The website must be functional and usable for visitors. Every web page must download smoothly and the site must have clean and unbroken links. The site should preferably have a clear site map that helps readers (and search engine spiders) to navigate with ease. Contact forms, images, videos, and PDF files should download correctly and smoothly. Clean layout, minimal scrolling on each page, and logical menus and navigation are important to provide an excellent visitor experience. The website should be compatible with multiple browsers and a mobile version should be included. Website content should be structured so that related page elements can be grouped logically for optimal functional efficiency.


Even the best website with the most unique content will be ineffective if it remains buried in obscurity. SEO is the most crucial requirement of a successful eye care website. A website’s content should include appropriate use of localized keywords that help search engine crawlers identify the website when local people are searching for relevant information. Natural and organic link building is a critical part of creating a search engine optimized website. You may wish to hire the services of a professional Internet marketing and SEO company with experience in healthcare SEO to achieve best results.

Naren Arulrajah is the President and CEO of Ekwa Marketing, a complete Internet marketing company for Doctors. Visit to download a free copy of Naren’s book “8 Steps to Take to Dominate Your Market Online!” Naren may be reached at +1-877-249-9666.


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