November 2014



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Editors' Message

Physician-Industry Partnerships: Advancing the Practice of Medicine in the Modern Age

By Richard Kaiser, MD, Jonathan Prenner, MD

Special Feature

Meeting Notes from VBS 2.0 Las Vegas

Saturday, March 15: Complications

Washington Medical Matters

Advocacy and the Young Retina Physician

Young retina specialists should be aware of the benefits of advocacy.

By Larry Halperin, MD

Road to Recertification

Meeting Higher Standards Through MOC

Better understanding of the requirements for maintenance of certification leads to an easier and more fulfilling recertification process.

By H. Culver Boldt, MD

Break It Down

A New Kind of Vision:
The Telescope Implant for Advanced AMD

An implantable telescope offers patients with late-stage AMD an option for elevating quality of life.

By Sunil Gupta, MD

Being Proactive To Prevent Injury

Proper ergonomics and exercise regimens may help prevent musculoskeletal disorders in retina specialists.

By Allen Chiang, MD

Diagnose Uveitis

By Andrew Reynolds, MD; David Tremblay, MD; and George N. Magrath, MD

Feature Story

The Pursuit of Innovation

Pearls from a Physician-Inventor.

By Malik Y. Kahook, MD

Practice Highlight

Designing a Clinic and a Research Center Side By Side

A look at the symbiotic relationship between the Retina Research Center in Austin, Texas, and the private practice next door.

By Ivana Gunderson, BS; Boris Corak, JD; and Brian B. Berger, MD

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