April 2016


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Women in Retina!


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Editors’ Message

XX + XY = $$

Retina has a woman problem.

By Richard Kaiser, MD, and Jonathan Prenner, MD

Break It Down

Injection Guides: The Ins and Outs

Injection guides can increase efficiency and improve safety profiles. But how exactly do they work?

By Ravi S.J. Singh, MD, and Dennis P. Han, MD; and Robert F. Hofmann, MD

VBS Notes

Video Summary of VBS|004

What you can expect to see at VBS 004.

By R.V. Paul Chan, MD; Anton Orlin, MD; and Aleksandra Rachitskaya, MD

Special Feature

The New Eyetube

By William F. Wiley, MD

Journal Club Update

Journal Club Update

From the editors of New Retina MD

Clinical Trials

An Informed Patient is a Better Patient

Explaining both the demands and potential rewards of a clinical trial can make patients more likely to participate fully in the protocol.

By Aron Shapiro

The First 5 Years: Beyond the Clinical Hurdles

Handling the Angry Patient

Not all patients are happy to see their doctor. How do you stop angry patients from going over the edge?

By Allen Chang, MD

The Pro Shop: Tips From Retina Coaches

Vitrectomy for Retinal Detachment

Steve Charles, MD, stops by The Pro Shop to dispense tips on vitrectomy surgery for retinal detachment.

By Steve Charles, MD; with Eric Nudleman, MD, PhD; and Joshua Robinson, MD

Cover Stories:

Women in Retina

A Woman’s Touch to Improve Retina

Women bring a number of qualities to the table that can enhance patient experience and improve the bottom line.

By María H. Berrocal, MD

Women in Industry

Two female leaders in retina discuss how moving from the clinic to the laboratory provided alternative paths to leadership.

With Anne Fung, MD, and Namrata Saroj, OD

Practice Development

Don’t Take “Yes” For an Answer

Gain cooperation from your staff by encouraging them to ask questions and express their concerns.

By Michelle Beckman, JD

Practice Highlights

Patient Education and Community Outreach: Cornerstones of Care

Outreach efforts should combine new media and old-fashioned face-to-face communication.

By Perry Athanason

Finance Your Life

Common Physician Financial Planning Mistakes

Rethinking your relationship with financial advisors could save you seven figures over the course of your career.

By David B. Mandell, JD, MBA, and Jason M. O’Dell, MS, CWM

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