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NRMD has got its mind on its money, and its money on its mind. We bet you do, too.

No shame in that, of course. Quite the opposite: It means you’re responsible. You’re a physician with a unique skill set navigating one of the most expensive spheres of medicine, and neglecting the financial considerations of your profession wastes opportunity. You owe it to yourself and your institution to understand the nuances of monetizing your career, and NRMD is here to help.

Weighing your options between academic work and private practice? Daniel Chao, MD, PhD; Jayanth Sridhar, MD; and Eric Nudleman, MD, PhD, explore the path to starting an academic career. Paul Hahn, MD, PhD, shares his experience with moving from academic retina to private practice, explaining how the move affected—and why it was right for—him.

You have probably heard that working with industry is one way to increase income. Maybe, but not so fast, says Emmett T. Cunningham Jr, MD, PhD, MPH. Those of you who think you can cash in on an invention should take the advice of Timothy Buckley, MBA, BSME, the vice president of global sales and marketing at Iridex. His article describes how to protect your idea and generate interest from investors.

Some retina doctors want to know more about the business in general so they can positively effect change at their academic institution or practice. Peter A. Karth, MD, MBA, reviews the ins and outs of acquiring a masters of business administration degree. Dr. Karth argues that programs offering these degrees force doctors from their comfort zones by requiring them to make decisions in uncertain environments, which, you can imagine, leads to innovative thought patterns and freshly blazed trails.

NRMD is proud to offer these articles to our readers on one condition: You must thank NRMD when delivering your TED talk on money in medicine in 2025.


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