October 2017






Editors’ Message

Take the Plunge

By Jonathan L. Prenner, MD, and Richard S. Kaiser, MD

VBS Notes

Viva Las Vegas: VBS V

By Vaidehi S. Dedania, MD

Global Retina

The Long Game: Providing International Retinal Care as an Expatriate

Advancing retinal care in western Kenya as a full-time missionary.

By Benjamin J. Thomas, MD

NRMD At the Meetings

NRMD At the Meetings

Practice Development

Six Questions to Ask Before Purchasing Testing Equipment

Is this purchase feasible or not? Better to know before you buy.

By Laurie K. Brown, MBA, COMT, COE, OSA, OCS, OSC, CPSS

Journal Club Update

After a Decade of Changes In RD Surgery, Are We Any Better Off?

Retinal detachment surgery has seen some serious changes in the 21st century, but have success rates changed?

By the editors of New Retina MD

Cover Stories: The Turning Point

The Best of Both Worlds

Joshua Robinson, MD, discusses the appeal of private practice for a former academic.

By Joshua Robinson, MD

Time for a Change

R.V. Paul Chan, MD, MSc, outlines the challenges and opportunities related to leaving your first position.

By R.V. Paul Chan, MD, MSc

The Right Stuff

Geeta Lalwani, MD, discusses the ins and outs of starting a private practice.

By Geeta Lalwani, MD.

Meanwhile, On Eyetube...

Meanwhile, On Eyetube...

A hyaloid elevation and an irregular retinectomy edge.

By Michael A. Klufas, MD; Quraish Ghadiali, MD; Chandrakumar Balaratnasingam, MD, PhD; and Yasha S. Modi, MD

Finance Your Life

View From a Ferrari

A first-person account of the modern private equity experience.

By Brett Katzen, MD

3 For 3

3 For 3


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