A Retina Mixtape

By Jonathan L. Prenner, MD, and Richard S. Kaiser, MD

Think about your daily routine. What is the role of music in your everyday life? Is it essential to your process or just a welcome piece of background noise? What songs would make up your personal soundtrack?

It is easy to understand the value of choosing the best music for specific situations. Whether it comes down to listening to classical music when you need to concentrate or making an uptempo playlist for a workout, the right song can be a source of inspiration. Even the OR can be a music-friendly place. It is no secret that many of us in the retina community have go-to stations for surgery.

After enough time at the top, popular artists usually release one or more “greatest hits” albums. Looking back through our 8-year run, New Retina MD has had quite a few “hits.” As a celebration of our past work, we have organized this edition into an anthology of our own. Like many “best of” albums, this issue not only highlights NRMD’s top content, but it also focuses on the articles that were most popular with you, our readership.

In addition to our “greatest hits,” however, this issue has also been peppered with the exciting new content our readers have come to expect. Featuring coverage of retina training efforts in Haiti and an update on domestic taxonomy codes, we have young retina specialists covered both at home and abroad. Meanwhile, the Practice Development column offers advice on strategic planning, and Murtaza Adam, MD, discusses diabetic tractional retinal detachments with Michael A. Klufas, MD.

In the 3 For 3 column, Thomas A. Ciulla, MD; Nancy Holekamp, MD; and Glenn J. Jaffe, MD, break the ice with fun tidbits about their hobbies and interests. Similarly, One to Watch profiles rising star Yoshihiro Yonekawa, MD, and NRMD at the Meetings spotlights the 2017 annual meeting of the Vit-Buckle Society in Las Vegas, Nev.

Much like a catchy melody, what we read can resonate with us in the long term. As you turn the pages of this issue of NRMD, take a moment to consider some of the other articles we have published over the past 8 years that may have stood out to you. Which would you pick for your own NRMD mixtape?

Co-Chief Medical Editor Jonathan L. Prenner, MD
• associate clinical professor, department of ophthalmology, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, New Brunswick, N.J.
@jlprenner; jonathanprenner@gmail.com

Co-Chief Medical Editor Richard S. Kaiser, MD
• professor of ophthalmology, Jefferson Medical College; co-director, retina fellowship, Wills Eye Hospital; both in Philadelphia, Pa.
@Retinadoc44; richardskaisermd@gmail.com


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